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We also offer additional hot tub and pool services:

DSRB (Drain, Sanitize, Refill, Balance) $139 ($119 with service plan)

Includes cleaning and sanitizing of all surfaces of the tub and filter rinse

UV Maintenance Program
Clean every 6 months: $79.95
Bulb Replacement every 18 months: $129.95

Includes all related gaskets replaced and cleaning of the quartz tube. We service Beachcomber ClearTech UV, DeltaUV (Maax), and Jacuzzi ClearRay

Winter Start-Up (October - March) $169

Includes leak inspection, tub fill and chemical balance.

Summer Start-Up (April - September) $119

Includes leak inspection, tub fill and chemical balance.

Summer-izing or Winter-izing Hot Tub $95

Isolating the GFCI circuit breaker, draining the water, loosening of all plumbing connections, leaving centre drain in open position, with closed floating puck dispenser and filter cleaning.

Inspection: Charge is $90.00/hr and will be discounted from any authorized repair should additional work be necessary.

If you require a specific estimate for any hot tub or pool service please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help you. 

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