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Poolside is proud to announce new ownership, Ken Nelson and Dave Moccia!


Ken Nelson - Co-Owner / Operations Manager / Hot Tub Whisperer

Ken has lived in Whistler since 2004! Ken loves his Disc Golf so don't be caught calling his discs 'Frisbees'! His other passions are snowboarding, hiking, fishing and biking. Ken lives with his girlfriend Miriam and their two cats, Missy and 'The-Kitty-Formally-Known-as-Phil-Kessel'. (You die-hard Leaf fans will understand).

He started his hot tubbing roots with Poolside in 2009 and eventually started his own hot tub servicing company called Whistler Living Hot Tub Services. He saw the desperate need for excellent customer service and prompt service. In November 2015, Ken partnered with Dave and acquired Poolside.

Dave Moccia - Co-Owner / General Manager / Mr. Mom

Dave (yes, also a Leafs' fan) moved to Whistler in the winter of 2000 to live the dream as a ski bum at the age of 19. After being in the hotel industry for many years he began work at Poolside to try something new. He always had a love for hot tubs and pools growing up, his dad taught him all the tricks to keep the pool clean! He started as a WaterCare Service Tech and is now Owner / General Manager, and business partner with Ken. Dave lives in Whistler with his wife and two daughters.

Mirka Gajdosova - Office Manager

Hard-working and always positive, Mirka keeps the Poolside ship in top shape! Her love of dogs and cats creates her warm personality and customer-centered focus. She has been with Poolside since February 2015.


Curt Wolsey - Founder

Curt began his hot tub service roots in 1994 when he trained and worked with Whistlers' original spa 'guru', Jim Schribner, then owner of Whistler Spa Services. Jim sold the business in 1996 and Curt started his own hot tub servicing company, Whispering Oaks Pool and Spa, serving Whistler and Pemberton. During this short time in business Whispering Oaks acquired C-Blu, a Vancouver-based hot tub service company.

In 1999, his wife Janis convinced him to open a retail store in Function Junction on Millar Creek Road, thus becoming the first hot tub showroom in Whistler and taking on the name of Whistler's Poolside Inc. The store was instantly successful and grew quickly. In 2003, Beachcomber Hot Tubs was secured as the exclusive dealership for the Sea to Sky region.

In 2005, Curt partnered up with long time friend Brian Hart, who was past President of Polaris Water and had been a senior manager for Pepsi. He then expanded from Millar Creek Road to the current location that offered a spacious 3800 sq. ft. showroom space. This enabled a large display area for a vast selection of commercial and residential chemicals, pool and spa parts, showcases for indoor and outdoor living furniture, and a repair area. This became Poolside Spa Services Ltd. as it stands today. During this period the company acquired service business from Whistler Spa Services and has grown the service and repair business steadily every year.

Brian retired from Poolside in 2011. Curt continued to manage the company until selling in 2015 to Ken and Dave.

Poolside supports 5 full-time Water Care service vehicles, 4 Repair Service trucks. We serve the community 7 days a week and currently have a staff of 14.

Curt has had the pleasure of meeting countless home owners, contractors, and business people from all over the world. 


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